What Are The Best Bird Hunting Dogs For Your Hunting Activities?

Bird dogs, with rare exceptions, are the best-natured dogs in the world. They are affectionate to a degree, and not at all quarrelsome. At the same time there are some good fighters among them. To me a handsome pointer or setter is the finest dog in the world, not only as to looks—and they are undeniably in the front rank as to that—but their other qualities are not less

  • A good bird dog cannot be thrown off of a “point” until the birds are flushed. You may lose a dog in cornfields or high cover for half an hour and find him stanch on a point in tall weeds or grass. Once a stand, always a stand until the birds rise. One of the best dogs in the South came to a point once on a narrow-gauge railroad, the bevy being in a grass-grown ditch alongside the track.
  • His owner, a quarter of a mile away, saw a train bearing down and made a frantic attempt to get to the spot and save the dog. He fired his gun and did his best, but the train got there ahead of him. Casabianca made inquiries when he got in a tight place, but that dog was a soldier and “held the point” until the train ran him down.


As reported by HuntingExpert.Org There is nothing in shooting that is quite so thrilling as a bird dog coming to a point. The rigid form, the wrinkled nose, the flashing eye?all the essence of passionate intensity is pictured there. A few yards away is the bevy. The winds move the leaves of a near-by tree, and toward a clump of weeds at the edge of the corn the dog’s nose is pointed. He is like a stone. They sometimes come to a “buttonhook” point, their heads curved round to lift or right, in the shape of a buttonhook. They will point with a dead bird in the mouth that they are retrieving. You can lift a dog up by his tail so that his hind legs are off the ground, and once he is dropped he will still hold the point.

For their thousand and one noble and splendid qualities? for their “bird sense,” general intelligence, fidelity, good temper, affection, beauty and love of hunting?the setter and the pointer are to me the finest dogs that were ever bred, bar none at all.

If you like duck hunting you should definitely find the best crossbow for hunting. As for me, it’s more enjoyable and effective than hunting rifles and I would really recommend you to give it a try.


The Truth About Vacuum Sealer Bags

Vacuum sealer bags can virtually do away with freezer burn from your frozen foods. Not only that, you are likely to typically increase the life-span of your stored foods. Your food items will certainly taste as fresh as the moment that you sealed it. From now on rather than always keeping your leftovers only a few days you are able to save them for a few weeks or even more. In most cases vacuum sealer bags can be reused and resealed, for example it is possible to remove part of the food contents from the sealed bag and reseal them.

You probably know this buying in bulk saves you money. Since you already decided to cut costs by preserving your food products, why not invest in larger rolls of sealer bags to save all the more? You’re able to tailor-make the size of the bags to your preference, have reduced waste materials and have always the correct size.


Vacuum sealer bags, because they are transparent, allow you to easily identify your food items, could usually be boiled and are microwave safe.

Foodsaver appears to be just about the most commonly used vacuum sealer through our vacuum sealer reviews. Though there are a variety of several other brand names offered as well, such as Black Decker, Seal-A-Meal, Weston and Ziplock simply to mention a few. The good news is that the majority of the sealers will use precisely the same size bags and rolls as the other brands, for that reason making the price significantly less and the supply of bags abundant.

vacuum sealer reviews

What this means to you is that you don’t need to purchase just the name brand refill bags at your local grocery and spend a premium price. You can buy in bulk and have equal or perhaps superior quality then what you might get by purchasing the brand name bags.

You can now take full advantage of sales, purchase fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh meats in bulk, seal and save all of them for future use not to mention save you a huge amount of money. You can now stock up and store a lot more than simply canned goods.



Elegant dessert: coffee, anise, and chocolate tart

Not everyone loves the flavor of anise (you know, that kind of licorice flavor?). In fact, some of my family simply hate the flavor. I, however, love anise’s sweet/musky flavor. I love those little slices of “anise toast” you can get in Italian cafes and pastry shops– sweet cookies slightly less dense than biscotti flavored with anise seeds. There are few greater pleasures than dipping a slice of bone-dry anise toast in a cup of coffee and savoring the blend of coffee, anise, and milk. I suppose that is where the inspiration for this lovely little dessert came from.

The three flavors of chocolate, coffee, and anise all play beautifully against the other, neither being predominate. You have the dark undertones of espresso, the merest breath of anise, and the roundness of dark chocolate.



I also want to make it perfectly well known that I served this to several people who claimed they disliked anise and it was met with a completely positive response. I feel that when people say they dislike any licorice/anise flavor, they have only been subjected to strong licorice types of candy; it’s a delightful and refined flavor that, when used appropriately, is wholly satisfying.

When I served this, I actually cut it up into 2-3 inch squares and put each piece into a white paper muffin cup way ahead of time. This allowed for me to serve them quickly and not have to deal with slicing up a potentially gooey chocolate tart in front of my guests. Most of all, the presentation is lovely– dark squares mounted in white cups arranged on a platter. I did also set out spoons (read more information in this pasta maker review) , in case a cup lingered in someone’s hand too long and the chocolate melted a little too much to be eaten without a mess by hand.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that you could have this whole tart arranged and sitting in your fridge in less than fifteen minutes. It does need to cool so that the chocolate filing slightly solidifies, so I would suggest that if you’re expecting company in the evening to prepare this shortly after breakfast so it can rest in your fridge all day– allowing you to be confident all day that you have a delicious dessert tucked away in your fridge.



Coffee, anise, and chocolate tart

I used a 10″ tart pan with a removable bottom to make this, but really any kind of pan with a removable bottom will do well: tart pan or spring-form. Also, any size can actually do well too, should you want a thicker crust and filling, go for a smaller pan.You can find the necessary anise toast in most Italian pastry shops and generic supermarkets, look for where the Italian cookie section is. If anise toast isn’t available, but you have access to anise extract, use plain dry-ish butter cookies and add a little of the extract.Ingredients




  • 13/4 cupsanise toast, ground to crumbs (number of cookies needed depends on size)
  • 1stick cold, unsalted butter, cut into slices or small cubes
  • 2tbs.anisette


  • 14oz. dark chocolate, in smallish pieces
  • 13/4 cupsheavy cream2tsp.espresso powder
  • 2tbs.strong coffee/espresso
  • 3tbs.anisette liqueurpinch salt


Put all of the ingredients for the crust in the food processor and pulse until you have a slightly moist, sandy looking pile. You might need to go in and loosen up clumps every now and again, but don’t over process– we don’t want it to be a paste! Line your pan of choice with parchment paper and pour in the cookie mixture. Press the crumbs to the edges, ensuring that there are no bald spots anywhere. The amount I gave will cover all of the bottom of a 10″ tart pan, though it may look scarce at first! Set aside while you get on with the filling.


Make a double boiler out of a pot and a large heat-proof glass bowl and put in all the ingredients for the filling in. Turn on low heat a whisk just until all the chocolate has melted. Pour the luxurious chocolate filling into the crust-lined pan. Carefully (especially if you’re using a pan with a removable bottom) move to the fridge and let cool for at least two hours before serving. I serve this unadorned– a glowing circle of dark glass– but you could consider slicing it in thin wedges and dolloping on a little barely-sweetened whipped cream.


The Road of Life

Just simply driving down the highway is an excellent representation of life. Everything that is on the highway coincides with life.

As I was driving down the highway the other day, I noticed how everyone on the road seemed to be a representation of how society operates. There are people that are driving too slow that are in everyone’s way and have no clue as to what is going on around them. There are people that break the law and ride your bumper and can careless that they are not only wasting gas, but they are also prematurely wearing out the engines of their vehicles. Both types of drivers make conditions dangerous for everyone else on the road.

There are people driving vehicles that they just do not need such as large trucks and SUVs. They do not haul anything with them nor do they drive off-road. I see plenty of women driving SUVs because they want to portray a certain image. They want to be an “SUV wife”. They can careless that they are adding to the energy demands of the nation.


Then you have people such as myself, that drive a perfect 5 mph over the speed limit and have a car that gets decent gas mileage. A car that suits my needs. I’m never in anyone’s way and I only change lanes when there is an open spot.

I see a lot of other people that “ask to change lanes”. Meaning, they will go to a spot on the highway where other cars already reside in a particular lane, and then they will turn their signal on and “ask” for someone to give them a spot. These types of drivers could very easily either speed up or slow down to go to an open spot as not to inconvenience anyone, but no, they would rather inconvenience people and “ask” to move over into another lane. These types of people have disregard for other people and do not care to inconvenience someone as long as they are getting what they need for themselves. These types usually make their problems visible to everyone else. They will go around and tell everyone if there is ever a problem and let everyone know about everything. Basically, if there is ever a problem or if they are ever in need of anything, they will lose their dignity over it. They want other people to make room for them in the road of life rather than gaining some pride and finding their own space. But then again, these types do not have the ability to develop a sense of pride.

The people that break the law and drive too fast are the people that represent the individuals who do whatever the heck they want in the moment without thinking about future consequences. These are people that will take out enormous interest-only mortgages on homes only to go into foreclosure a few years later contributing to the devaluation of the dollar. They will run up credit debt like there is no tomorrow. Everything is instant gratification for them and they can careless if they are endagering your life. They are destroying their car by driving it 80 mph down the highway. They basically will sacrifice anything at all cost to get what they want no matter what it could possibly do to other people. A lot of these people get away with it most of their lives and always seem to come out smelling like a rose, but eventually they will skip a beat. And when that happens, it’s all over with for them.


The people that drive too slow and are in everyone’s way are the people that do not need to be on the highway. You are always having to go around them. They represent the individuals that provide nothing but a drain on society. In a nutshell, they are in society’s way. They are in the economy’s way. They just will not move along with the mainstream of society. They live on your social welfare system. Your tax dollars support them. Your tax dollars even pay for their vehicles, their newly built section 8 apartment, the flat screen TV they have, and the cabinets full of cheap high fructose corn syrup food items they eat while watching Oprah.

Then you get your people that seem to ride in your blind spot or on your bumper no matter the speed you are going. If you speed up, then so do they. If you slow down, then so do they. These people represent the people that do what everyone else does. They have no minds of their own. They march to the beat of whatever drum is provided to them without questioning anything. These are excellent people to market to. They will buy any product just as long as other people are buying it. They will dress, act, talk, do, vote, or listen to whatever they see everyone else doing. They are mindless followers.

Then you get those people that drive a perfect 5 mph over the speed limit and cause no hassles on the road. In short, it’s too bad everyone cannot be like this. Society would be so utopian if it were. America would be a greater superpower than it ever was instead of being the decline that it is in. Insurance rates would be lower. Healthcare rates would be lower. Gas prices would be lower. And there would be more jobs available. How come? Because these people just simply do what is right. They aren’t the major contributors to car accidents which nationwide will contribute to higher insurance rates.


They don’t over-consume gas. So prices would of course be lower. They don’t buy things that they just simply do not need. Because nationwide, the greater the debt of the people, the greater the devaluation is of the that nation’s currency. International investors pull out of the market and less jobs become available. Retirement accounts also stop growing. These people have mind’s of their own and can see the big picture. They know who to vote for when it come’s to the country’s leadership. They know what to do that is always in the best interest of themselves and everyone else around them.

So if you find yourself wondering what the heck ever happened to the great country we once had, just take a look around on the highway of life next time. You can thank all the mindless GPI’s that drive the same way they live their lives.



Jefferson Park Dispensary Plans Draw Mixed Reactions

A proposal to open a therapeutic marijuana dispensary in the heart of Jefferson Park drew fire — and some backing — at a group meeting Monday night. Healing Health, which is worked by Columbia Care, needs an exceptional use license from city authorities and in addition a permit from state authorities to open a dispensary at 4758 N. Milwaukee Ave. Nicholas Vita, the CEO of Curative Health, said the organization, which likewise works dispensaries in Washington, D.c., Arizona and Massachusetts, had purchased the now-empty building and wanted to totally revamp it into a dispensary ensured by a condition of-the-workmanship security framework.

Heather Cherone says occupants are concerned in regards to security, property estimation decreases, and riff-raff going to the area: “This is not a head shop,” Vita told actively present people of the area meeting at Congressional Church of Jefferson Park, 5320 W. Giddings St. Yet the proposal was reprimanded by a few Jefferson Park occupants who said they dreaded it would build wrongdoing, decline property estimations and jeopardize kids utilizing the play areas at Jefferson Park Memorial Park and Wilson Park and the Jefferson Park library. Greg Sedlacek said he accepted the dispensary would pull in posse parts looking to take marijuana and money.

“It is simply a question of time before they get in there,” Sedlacek said, rejecting Vita’s confirmations that the dispensary’s low stock and intense security would deter lawbreakers from focusing on it. “They’ll evaluate a way, and it will be a bloodbath.”

Sedlacek’s comments drew commendation from the swarm, a number of whom said they were concerned the dispensary would attract medication addicts to Jefferson Park. Anyway Vita said his New York-based association’s “flawless” track record in different states made the possibility of huge issues unrealistic. The dispensary won’t peculiarity recognizing signs, he included.

“These are not children searching for a decent time,” Vita said. The organization’s patients “are helping parts of society that had no place else to go. This dispensary will help individuals experiencing appalling ailments.” Vita, who was the VP of the medicinal services office at Goldman Sachs’ speculation bank, twice surveyed the swarm about whether they knew somebody who had experienced tumor, glaucoma or ALS — all ailments he said marijuana may help ease.

Gayle Tucker, whose kitchen window disregards the back street behind the proposed dispensary, said Vita’s presentation mollified her worries.

“I think this organization will be a greatly improved neighbor than the loaning organization that was there before,” Tucker said. “I feel better having heard this presentation. I don’t think it will be adverse.”

Ald. John Arena said he had not chosen whether to help Curative Health’s solicitation for an unique use grant from the Zoning Board of Appeals. Regularly, the board take after the proposal of the representative for undertakings in his or her ward.
“I need to proceed with this discussion and converse with more entrepreneurs in the region,” Arena said.

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In any case Arena said Curative Health had “completely” addressed his inquiries concerning security at the dispensary, which he said was his greatest concern. Corrective Health, if recompensed a permit from the state, arrangements to join forces with Illinois State University to study the adequacy of medicinal marijuana as well as the dispensary’s effect on the encompassing neighborhood, Vita said.

Moreover, the organization will make “an extra, generous” interest in Jefferson Park after its allows and permit are affirmed, Vita said. That would incorporate giving a rate of the dispensary’s net pay to neighborhood associations and not-for-profits focused around the magistrate’s suggestion, he included. The dispensary, if sanction, would make somewhere around 12 and 16 occupations, and those workers would be prepared at the company’s different areas before beginning in Jefferson Park, Vita said.

For the initial 1½-2 years, the dispensary would likely serve close to 10 patients a day and be open four or five hours a day, three days a week, Vita said. At full quality, the dispensary could serve around twelve patients a day, every one of whom must be enlisted in the state-managed program and have a specialist’s medicine for one of around 40 ailments. Patients must demonstrate that distinguishing proof card twice before being permitted past the building’s hall, Vita said.

Two entryways south, Euflora Health Center, which is based Downtown, has approached city authorities for authorization to open a dispensary at 4760½ N. Milwaukee Ave. It is farfetched both dispensaries would be sanction by state and city authorities, Arena said. The proposed dispensaries, which must be sanction by city and state authorities, would be on the same square as Arena’s 45th Ward office. Enclosure said he and his staff would keep a “basic eye” on the dispensary’s operations on the off chance that they opened close to their office.



10 Famous Motorcycle Gangs 2

3: Pagans

Another club which has a lot of bad blood with the Hell’s Angels are the Pegans MC. Founded in Maryland in 1959 the club expanded quickly and by 1965 was the largest motorcycle club on the east coast. The Norse fire god Surtr sitting on the Sun and wielding a flaming sword is depicted on their patch along with the club colors of red, white and blue comprising the clubs name. Unlike other 1%er clubs the Pagans choose to wear their patches on denim jackets that have had the sleeves cut off instead of traditional MC kutts made of leather.

2: Mongols

The Mongol Nation MC otherwise known as the Mongols was formed in 1969 in Montebello, California form a group of Hispanic Bikers who were refused entry into the Hell’ Angels because of the Angel’s bylaws preventing non white anglo-saxon heterosexual males form joining. The black and white colors of the club and their vest patches which depict a biker wearing a pony tail and sunglasses while riding his bike have become one of themost controversial images in the motorcycle world. Clubs have been formed all over the western United States, but have also been chartered in Canada, Mexico and most recently Italy.


1: Hell’s Angels

The most well-known motorcycle club in the United States and without a doubt the largest in the world is the Hell’s Angels. The Angels, also known as “the family” or the “81’s” have their origins in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. There is some confusion as to when and where the first chapter to survive long enough to be recognized was created as the clubs initial existence was clunky and disorganized at best. Today the organization which was originally known as the “California Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Brotherhood” has expanded to all fifty states of the United States, every province of Canada, Several countries in South America, major Cities in Russia and Amsterdam, Europe, New Zealand and is the largest single contingent of organized “Bikies” in Australia. The famed Flying Deaths Head logo and the stylized “81” emblem are perhaps the most easily recognized non-corporate brand logos in the world. Along with the iconic red and white lettered rockers they wear on the front and back of their kutts, the patches have been popularized on TV and in film for more then 50 years. The group is known for its violent reactions to perceived threats and have earned the moniker of “Eunuch Makers” for their tendency to brutally castrate as punishment those whom they feel have performed and injustice to them, their club or their families or associates. As a symbol of this practice many members who have performed this service in the name of the club wear patches depicting a pair of gardening sheers on them. Perhaps the most aggressive feud they have is also the longest running feud in the outlaw motorcycle club world. This is with the OUTLAWS. The feud dates back to the early 1970s and despite several attempts at truce still to this day remains active.

These groups of men have earned a name for themselves as the most notorious biker gangs in the United States and in some cases the world. These motorcycle clubs are bound by brotherhood, but united by their violent histories and alleged criminal activities.

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10 Famous Motorcycle Gangs

The image of the outlaw biker has been romanticized and popularized by Hollywood and television for years. A very popular television show Sons of Anarchy claims to give us an insight into the world of the outlaw MC and another popular program the Devils Ride is a dramatization of supposed actual events which take place in a southern California 1%er club, the Laughing Devils MC. While the Devils and the boys from charming are well…charming, the reality of the outlaw MC world and the 1%er bikers who inhabit it is far from the slick and polish image that is portrayed on the small and big screens. Here is a look at the top 10 most notorious real life outlaw motorcycle gangs in the United States.

10: Vagos MC

The Vagos MC originated in San Bernardino, California in the late 1960s. The patch of The Norse god Loki riding a motorcycle is accompanied by the color green as a symbol of luck for the man wearing the kutt. There are 24 chapters in the western United States as well as 3 chapters in Mexico. The club has been under the eye of both the ATF and the FBI for years with accusations of money laundering, meth distribution and weapons trafficking.


9: Free Souls

Staretd in the early 1960’s in Portland Oregon, it is one of the original West Coast 10. These are the first 10 motorcycle clubs founded on the west coast in the late 1950’s to late 1960’s. The Egyptian Ankh the symbol for both life and for fertility in antiquity sits at the center of a motorcycle tire and rim. This is meant to state that the men who are part of the group feel that they are superior males in all ways including sexually and that their bikes are symbols of that superiority. Known for wild orgies and connections to the porn industry they are considered to be among the most unscrupulous gangs in North America. They are located entirely in central Oregon with the exception of a satellite club in Vancouver, BC.

8: Bandidos

Among the most notorious gangs not only in North America but also worldwide. The pacth of the organization is comprised of a cartoonish Mexican male who is very overweight and wearing an over-sized sombrero. He has a pistol in one hand and a large machete in the other while riding a motorcycle. The club was founded in 1966 in San Antonio, TX by a former Marine and his buddies. The club colors reflect this in the red and blue that they wear. There are 90 chapters across the United States and more are located in Asia, Germany and Australia. One of the biggest rivalries in the MC world exists between the Banditos and the Hells Angels.


7: Highwaymen

Formed in 1954 in Detroit the Highwaymen are one of the original “First Ones” gangs meaning they were among the first of the “Motor City” motorcycle clubs, many of whom would go on to national prominence and violent histories. The highwaymen wear patches that are comprised of a skeleton wearing a classic outlaw style motorcycle jacket with winged insignia on each side. He is also wearing a leather motorcycle cap. They have chapters as far as new england and florida with the majority of their membership remaining in the great lakes region. The clubs creed is as follows and sums up their belief in how they live their lives and how they interact with others quite well. “Yea, though we ride the highways in the shadows of death, we fear no evil, for we are the most evil mother fuckers on the highway.

”6: Warlocks

The Warlocks Motorcycle Club was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1967 and soon grew to large membership numbers thanks to Vietnam Veterans who returned from the war to find that the white male middle class society that they had been a part of had been changed by the cultural shift of the 60’s. Chapters exist in all aprts of the country but primarily in the Northeastern United States. Germany and the UK have also seen chapter rise in recent years. The Winged Harpee on their patch is indicative of the belief that they are above “mere mortals”. They are often adorned with tattoos and vest/jacket insignia of the white supremacy movement.

5: Sons of Silence

One of the most violent, aggressive and vindictive motorcycle clubs in the world is the Sons of Silence MC. While technically a 1%er club, they are considered to be a part of a sub group of outlaw bikers known as “phsycho” bikers. This means that they are so out on the fringe, past the edge that they are considered dangerous and are avoided by even the worst of the worst among the 1%er MC world. They were founded in 1966 in Niwot, Colorado and quickly spread across the United States. They are very selective about where they install chapters and even more selective about who they allow to join. Chapters have also been established in Germany.

4: Outlaws

Among the most notorious of what are referred to as the “Big 10” clubs by law enforcement agencies are the OUTLAWS. Not to be confused with the term outlaw bikers which is a blanket term that applied to all 1%ers, the OUTLAWS MC always written in all-caps are a force to be reckoned with nation wide. Formed in Matilda’s bar in McCook, IL in 1935 they are among the oldest of the clubs still in existence. Many refer to clubs as old as the OUTLAWS as “God Clubs” meaning that the existence of all MC’s comes from them. The most famous rivalry in the MC world exists between the OUTLAWS and the Hells Angels and dates back to the early 1970’s. Chapters exist in all fifty states on the United States as well as overseas in Australia, Asia, Europe and North and South America. The iconic patch of the OUTLAWS is a skull and cross bones made out of motorcycle engine pistons.